Best Mini Vacuum Sealer

One of the best ways that you can save a lot of money is buying food in bulk.

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If you love doing your food shopping in bulk, a vacuum sealer is an essential machine that you should have in your home to prevent food spoilage.

These machines suck the air out of the storage bag, and the food stored will last three to five times longer while still maintaining a good texture and taste.

The vacuum sealers are used in many commercial applications and they have also become very common in homes for people who want to store food longer without getting freezer burns.

For home use, you do not necessary require the big machines that will occupy a lot of countertop space in your kitchen.

This is why we have provided you with best mini vacuum sealers worth investing in.

Best Mini Vacuum Sealer

Why Are Mini Vacuum Sealers Popular?

  • They are easy to carry from one place to the other
  • They can be used inside the house or when you are on the go
  • The machine allow food to last five times longer without getting freezer burns
  • They are easy to use and store

Things to Consider  

It is important to note that vacuum sealing does not eliminate the need to use a refrigerator. Once the food is sealed, you need to put it in the freezer so that it will last for a long period of time.

Other things that you need to know when you are purchasing a mini vacuum sealer include the following;

Motor Size

The power of the motor goes hand in hand with the size of the vacuum sealer. By this I mean that if the vacuum sealer is small, the power of the motor is also small.

This makes the mini vacuum sealers perfect for sealing small to medium sized packages. If you want to seal large packages, it will be wise if you go for a bigger machine.


The cost of the machines will vary from one brand to the other. You will realize that a vacuum sealer that has additional features, the price tends to be higher than normal vacuum sealers.

The most important thing is getting a product that is within your budget limit and offers you with satisfactory results. Normally mini vacuum sealers will range from as low as $7 to $19.


There are thousands of models that are being introduced in the market today. This makes selecting the right machine problematic, especially if you are a beginner.

It is important to find out the most reputable brands of mini vacuum sealers that you can trust. Luckily, we have provided you with some amazing brands that are a great purchase.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The mini vacuum sealer should be very easy to use. They are a great selection if you seal occasionally or have limited storage space.

Your machine of choice should be very easy to maintain too. You do not want to spend additional maintenance costs once you have purchased the machine.


This is very important if you are looking forward to sealing for a long period of time. Go for a machine with a nice and durable construction so that you can use it for an extended period of time without breakdown.

Food preservation is a continuous process because you will keep on buying food over and over again. With a durable machine, you can use it for lifetime to seal the plastic storage bags containing different types of foods.

5 Best Mini Vacuum Sealers

1. Orblue Bag Heat Sealer - Food Saver and Creates  

Orblue Bag Heat Sealer - Food Saver and Creates Airtight Containers

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The main reason why food spoils is because it gets into contact with air giving room for bacteria to grow.

With the Orblue Bag Heat Sealer, you can effectively seal plastic bags which ensure that food is not exposed to air or dust. 

Through this, the food will last longer in the freezer without chances of spoiling.

The airtight seal ensure that no air is inside the bag. This prevents the food from tasting stale or bland. You also don’t want to eat food that is not fresh or doesn’t have the natural flavor.

In terms of ease of use, this is the best machine to have. You only need to place edge of the poly bag in your sealer and pull it through gently without leaving any air inside the bag.

The sealer has a magnetic bottom that makes it easy to attach to refrigerators or other metal surfaces for easy storage on the countertop or any other storage surface.

This machine offers you with 100 percent guarantee, and in any case you have problems with the machine you will be provided with a refund in full.

Feature At a Glance

  • Professional Heat Sealer will easily reseal original plastic bags so food will stop being exposed to dust and bacteria.
  • Airtight seal - Create airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale.
  • Designed with ease of use in mind
  • Magnetic bottom.

2. EIALA Bag Heat Sealer, Portable Mini Heat Sealing  

EIALA Bag Heat Sealer, Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine Impulse

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If you are looking for an inexpensive machine that will help you seal food and other leftovers at home, this EIALA will be a great purchase.

This is a wonderful handheld vacuum sealer that seals the bag and creates an airtight seal to retain the freshness of the food being stored.

This machine has been designed with the user in mind. You will not have any difficulties hen you are sealing.

All you need to do is to seal along the edge of any bag and the work will be completed within a few seconds.The portable mini heat sealing machine can be used to seal different types of bags every time you need to store food.

You will require to buy 2 AA sized batteries because they are not included in the purchase.

Feature At a Glance

  • Just slide super sealer across bags to seal in freshness!
  • Finally an inexpensive and easy way to perfectly reseal unused portions of food.
  • You will not only save on storage bags,but you can save even more buying bulk at warehouse
  • Magnetic bottom .
  • 100% Guarantee For Refund

3. Mazu Heat Sealers - Food Saver for Mylar Bags  

Mazu Heat Sealers - Food Saver for Mylar Bags and Creates Airtight

Editor Rating:

There are different types of vacuum sealers that you will find on the market today. They range from small, medium to large models.

In most cases large machines are not appropriate for home use because they can be difficult to store.

A mini vacuum sealer like the Mazu Heat Sealers is a product that is worth investing in. the machine comes at a very affordable price and provides the sealing on Myler bags by creating an airtight seal.

This means that there is no air that is left inside the bag so no chances of bacteria.

With this mini vacuum sealer, you can store food for long in your freezer, especially during winter seasons when you do not want to go out of the house regularly.

This will save you a lot of money and you will still enjoy tasty and nutritious foods at any tme of the year.

Feature At a Glance

  • Easily reseal original plastic bags so food will stop being exposed to dust and bacteria.
  • Airtight seal - Create airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale.
  • Magnetic bottom
  • 100% Guarantee for refund

4. iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

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Seal plastic bags containing any type of food with the iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer. This is a convenient machine that is easy to use.

You only need to slide the edges of the bag inside the moth of this handheld vacuum sealer to create an airtight seal to store different types of food such as chips.  

The machine is very easy to store. It has a magnetic base so you can store it on the refrigerator door for easy access.

The design of this gadget makes it very easy to carry during camping, picnics among other trips that you need to carry some food with you.

You also need to buy two AA-sized batteries to run the machine. With such a machine, you can store your food for long while still locking in the flavor.T

he machine is very economical, this is because it can be used to seal the same bag over and over again so you will not waste a lot of bags.

Feature At a Glance

  • Just slide Bag Re-Sealer across bags to seal in freshness
  • Safety pack cosmetics when traveling
  • Magnetic back keeps Bag Re-Sealer handy on your refrigerator
  • Creates airtight seal that locks in freshness and flavor
  • Store foods in their original bags

5. FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld  

FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System

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Buying food such as cheese and deli meet in bulk will definitely spoil after a few days even if they are refrigerated.

If you want such foods to last five times longer, it is high time you should purchase a vacuum sealer.

The FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 is a convenient machine that will help you seal all your plastic bags containing food.

The machine is compact and very easy to use. For its size, it will fit perfectly well in a drawer for convenient storage.

This machine comes with a charging cord for easy charging.In addition, it also comes with zipper bags and a one-year warranty.

It is well suited for use every day with meat, cheese and other food that require refrigeration.

Feature At a Glance

  • Great for everyday use with deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated and pantry foodsCordless, compact and easy to use
  • One touch operation vacuums airtight with the press of a button
  • Easy clean nozzle catches overflow liquids and is dishwasher-safe

Final Verdict

In this current world, every single coin counts and people just look for ways to save that extra penny. One of the best ways that you can save a lot of money is buying food in bulk.

On the other hand, you do not want the food to go bad after a few days, this is why you need to have a vacuum sealer to ensure that the food is well stored.Mini vacuum sealers are a great deal if you do not want a huge machine with many controls and occupies a lot of space.

You can consider trying any of the above models, and you will always enjoy taking nutritious and tasty meals all the time in the year.