Best Vacuum Storage Bags

We have provided you with valuable information that will help you find out the best bag

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Vacuum storage bags can be used to store both food and non-food products. The air is eliminated from the bag before sealing, and this ensures that no bacteria can survive in a vacuum so the food will not spoil when stored in the freezer.

As a result of many different types of vacuum sealer bags that are available for purchase, you need this guideline to take you through the process of selecting the right bag.

We have provided you with valuable information that will help you find out the best bag for all your storage requirements.However, if you are purchasing the bags for the first time, it can get a little complicated.

For this reason, you need to familiarize yourself with different types of bags and their features so that you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags

Benefits of Quality Vacuum Storage Bags

  • They compress the contents by rolling the air out hence reducing space.
  • Quality and durable vacuum storage bags can be re-used.
  • The bags are of heavy duty hence prevent any air leaks.
  • It keeps you organized and saves space.
  • The bags increase the shelf life.

Things to Consider

There is a wide range of things that you need to consider before purchasing vacuum storage bag.

If you pay attention to the things outlined below, you will definitely get yourself the best vacuum storage bag that will meet your needs perfectly well.

Thickness of the Bag

It is advisable to go for bags that are thick because they last longer as compared to thin bags.

You can compare different types of bags and determine their thickness. A thicker bag will provide you with a great sealing fix by the machine so that your contents are perfectly stored.

Size of the Bag

The bags come in different sizes and each is well suited for a different use. For instance, small vacuum packing bags are perfect for travelers because they are compact and occupy less space in your suitcase.

Medium to large-sized bags can be used for other purposes such as storing food and clothing among other things. The choice is upon you to select the bag size that you prefer.


There are so many brands that are available on the market hence offering the customers with a wide range of options to choose from.

Unfortunately, not all the brands will be worth buying. It is important to go for high quality and reputable bag brands with positive customer reviews and a high rating. This will ensure that you are selecting the right bag that will meet your needs.

Bag Rolls

Rolls are available at very affordable prices. If you do not have a lot of money at your disposal, you will need to look for cheaper rate bags so that you can seal your food to avoid spoilage.

Because of their cheap prices, you do not need to buy small, medium or big sized bags, instead you can go for a single 50 or 100 feet bag roll and cut it depending on the size that you need.

How Often You Will Open the Bags

This is a great factor that will determine the type of bag to purchase. For instance, if you open the bag once it is vacuumed, cook and throw the bag away, it will be wise going for normal-sized bags.

On the other hand, if you want to open and seal the bag, you must select the zip-lock vacuum sealer bags so that you can use the bag again once you have opened it.


Depending on the brand, different brands will have a different price for the vacuum storage bags.

The price can also be determined by the length of the bags.Normally with up to $20, you are guaranteed of quality vacuum storage bags that will offer you with a great service.


Majority of the vacuum sealer bags get torn easily making then ineffective for sealing. If you are looking for a durable bag, look for one with a thick plastic construction and tight zippers so that it can seal your essentials and prevent any air from getting inside.

Ease of Use

Ensure that you are buying a bag that will be easy to use. There are vacuum bags with universal attachments that make it easy to fit any vacuum hose without any problems. This ensures that you get the best time sealing your bag with the vacuum that you have.

5 Best Vacuum Storage Bags

1. Vac-Fresh Roll 11" x 50' Vacuum Seal Bag 3.5mil  

Vac-Fresh Roll 11" x 50' Vacuum Seal Bag 3.5mil Roll Commercial Grade

Editor Rating:

Keep food for an extended period of time without spoiling with the Vac-Fresh vacuum sealer bag rolls.

These are commercial-grade heavy duty 3.5mil vacuum seal bags with patented cross venting channels on each side for quick air extraction and maximum air extraction.

These seal bag rolls can be used with any popular vacuum sealers available on the market. With such a vacuum bag seal, your food is protected against freezer burn, spoilage and bad smell.

Additionally, you can also store valuable items such as jewelry and silver and prevent them from tarnishing.

These bags have been tested, and they are safe for food packaging applications such as microwave, dishwasher, boiling and freezing.

Again, the material that is used to make the bags is BPA free, and FDA approved.

Feature At a Glance

  • Universal Vacuum Bags can be used in most leading brand vacuum sealers
  • 3.5mil heavy-duty vacuum bags with cross venting channels for maximum air extraction
  • Protect food against freezer burn, spoilage
  • Vacuum seal bags are safe for food packaging applications; dishwasher, microave, boiling, & frozen
  • Made from non-BPA & FDA listed food safe materials

2. Weston 30-0101-W Vacuum sealer food bags

Weston 30-0101-W Vacuum sealer food bags

Editor Rating:

Weston is a reputable bag brand that is used by a wide range of households all over the world.

The Weston bags are tested for safety and health so you can feel free to use them for food storage without any worry. You can rely on these bags for quality and great performance for all your home products.

With these bags, you can as mush food as your freezer can store because the bags keep the food fresh up to five times longer.

These bags are freezer and microwave safe, and you can even boil in water if you need to thaw.

These bags come at a reasonable price and provide you with an effective way of preserving your food.

Feature At a Glance

  • Quality and performance driven products for your home
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your home with Weston
  • 100 vacuum-sealer bags keep food fresh up to 5 times longer
  • Made of 2-ply, 3-mil nylon with a layer of polyethylene mesh
  • For use with Weston-brand sealers and external-clamp vacuum sealers

3. FoodSaver 44 Quart-sized Bags

FoodSaver 44 Quart-sized Bags

Editor Rating:

Whether you want to store food in bulk or some leftovers that you do not want to throw away, you will find the FoodSaver bags very useful.

You can store almost everything using these bags ranging from cut meat, fish, cookies, crackers, fruits and vegetables among other foods.

Once you have these bags, you can buy food in bulk confidently knowing that it will not go bad or get freezer burns.These bags allow you to seal the freshness of your contents in by automatically removing all the air from the bag to keep the food fresh.

If there are certain types of foods that come for a given season, you can store the food so that it can last for a long period of time. You can cook them later and enjoy the tasty and fresh food full of flavor at any time of the year.

Feature At a Glance

  • 44 quart-size, pre-cut bags
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

4. FoodSaver 28 Gallon-sized Bags

FoodSaver 28 Gallon-sized Bags

Editor Rating:

Some foods are rare, and they are available at a specific time of the year.

With a good vacuum sealer and quality bags like the FoodSaver 28 gallon sized bags, you can enjoy the tasty food later if they are stored effectively.

With these vacuum sealer bags, you can keep food such as game and fish up to five times longer without compromising the flavor and freshness of the food.

The bags are created from a heavy-duty multi-ply material that helps prevent freezer burns.This 28 gallon sized sealer bags are designed with channels that assist in blocking both oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal.

If you are an avid game hunter, you will appreciate having these bags in your home.

Feature At a Glance

  • 28 gallon-size, pre-cut bags
  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • BPA free
  • Simmer and microwave safe

5. 4 Large 8" x 50' Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial  

4 Large 8" x 50' Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial Grade Food Saver

Editor Rating:

You do not want to be a victim of low quality vacuum bags that will not seal your contents well for effective storage.

Buying high-quality vacuum bags like the Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial Grade Food Saver guarantee you with quality products that will impress you.

It doesn’t matter the type of vacuum sealer that you have, you will find it very easy to seal your food with these quality vacuum bags.

Additionally, the bags are FDA approved, and they are made from a material that is BPA free.

If you are looking for bags that will help lock in freshness, flavor and nutritional value of the food for a long period of time, consider trying these vacuum bags, and you will love them.

The bags are not necessarily for foods, they can be used to preserve other things such as valuable documents and electronic and silver items.

Feature At a Glance

  • Can be used in all leading brand clamp style vacuum sealers
  • Vacuum sealing locks in freshness, flavor and nutritional value while extending food storage time
  • FDA approved and BPA free
  • Can be boiled or microwaved
  • Commercial grade material

Final Verdict

By now, I know you can choose the best vacuum storage bags that will suit your needs accordingly.

The bags come at very affordable prices, and they are of quality, so you should not be worried of tear or puncture when you are using them.

They work great in removing air and ensuring your food does not spoil or get freezer burns.