FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System Review





FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System, which is a great vacuum sealer on the market.

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Are you looking for the most effective method of food preservation? If this is the case, you need to get the right vacuum sealer to help you preserve your food longer than traditional methods of food preservation.

There are many vacuum sealers that are available on the market today. Getting a machine that is easy to operate or one that will suit your needs can be tricky.

To make your search easy and fast, I have provided you with a review of FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System, which is a great vacuum sealer on the market.

This machine works incredibly well to create an airtight seal so that you can preserve your food for many days without going bad.

It is easy to work with this vacuum sealer that saves you both money and time. This is because you can buy your shopping in bulk, and you also don’t need to incur the cost of buying vacuum storage bags.

FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Machine Speed

Apart from sealing food, there are other tasks that you would love to complete. This is the fastest vacuum sealer that you can have to enable you to do your sealing within seconds.

You just need to familiarize yourself with this vacuum sealer, and you are good to do the job. The machine works relatively fast, so you will need a lot of energy to operate.

Movable Tray

This sealing machine has a tray design that gives you the opportunity to store your food safely. This tray is designed in such a way that it can be moved making it easy to clean.

This makes maintain this vacuum sealer easy because all the dirt can be c at the tray for easy cleaning.

Storage Bags

This FoodSaver sealer comes with storage bags that you can use to store your food. This will save you more money that you would have otherwise spent to acquire the storage bags.

Since the machine doesn’t use all the bags at the same time, it allows you to save the bags for the next use conveniently.

Perfect Lock

This vacuum sealer is designed with a perfect lock system that will prevent your food from spilling during the sealing process.

When you experience any malfunction or damage with this vacuum sealer, you can get the service from the manufacturer without any problems.

Airtight Seal

This is a reliable vacuum sealer that gives you the opportunity to seal storage bags without leaving air inside the bags.

This will keep your food fresh for an extended period of time as well as protect the machine from any damage.

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Feature at a glance

  • Moist/Dry Food Settings – for better sealing control
  • Features Roll Storage with Roll Cutter
  • Space-saving Vertical Design,
  • Perfect for Countertop or Easy Storage


  • The machine is easy to work with.
  • It comes with storage bags.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It keeps food fresh for long.
  • The machine has a classy design.


  • When you store food for a long period, it may lose its taste.
  • The food stored should be dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this vacuum sealer works with FoodSaver wide mouth jar sealer?

A: Yes, it will work fine with a wide-mouth  jar sealer.

Q: I am looking for a machine that I can use for sealing soup and other liquids. Can this model handle that?

A: Yes it will. You need to freeze the liquid in a flexible plastic container and the vacuum seal it.

Q: Can you use generic rolls with this vacuum sealer? I have other types of bags that are not from FoodSaver.

A: In order for you to vacuum food with this sealer, you need the Foodsaver sealing bags.

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Final Verdict

This is definitely a great vacuum sealer that will greatly help you in food preservation. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It also comes with storage bags that save you money.

It also creates an airtight seal to prevent food from being exposed to air, which will cause it to spoil. Bring home this vacuum sealer and enjoy storing your food in the most convenient way possible.

This machine is ideal for any type of kitchen design, it doesn’t matter whether your kitchen features a modern or traditional design, the vacuum sealer will blend in perfectly well.