FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit Review





This FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System is one of the simplest to operate. It is designed to make saving your food much easier and worry-free.

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Buying in bulk helps save a lot of money on your food stuff budget. The problem with having a lot of food stock in the house is that you might end up throwing most of it away for going bad. FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit literally saves you from that.

With this revolutionary kitchen appliance, your food stuff can stay 5 to 6 times longer after you have preserved them.

Meaning, you won’t be dumping leftovers anymore. This sealing system ensures that you get most out of your bulk buying and a guarantee of all-time freshness in your kitchen.

In addition, this FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System is one of the simplest to operate. It is designed to make saving your food much easier and worry-free.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit Review

Moist/Dry Food Settings

Some of the Vacuum sealing systems in the market today performs better with either dry or wet foods. This has forced most customers to purchase two different food sealing systems, one for dry foods and the other for moist foods.

Fortunately, this FoodSaver model works perfectly for both dry and moist food. Its Dry/Moist food settings allows for customized vacuuming hence, performs exemplary well with both types of foods.

In other words, this 2-in-1 sealing system is built to offer a double service at the price of one. Making preservation even more economical.

CrushFree Instant Seal

The greatest fear during food sealing process is the damage caused to delicate foods. Your food preservation quest can turn to a dumping project if you don’t do it right. Fortunately, with this FoodSaver, you can burry that fear deep forever.

The CrushFree instant seal ensures all your delicate food materials are protected and sealed instantly without having to worry about breakages.

Isn’t that the point of buying a sealing system in the first place? Saving more food?

Therefore, it wouldn’t be logical to end up losing more food to damages during the sealing process. And, this Vacuum Sealing System is just exactly what you need to avoid such uncertainties.

2 Vacuum Speeds

This feature makes the sealing system even better. With the two vacuum speeds, you get to choose an optimum speed depending on the type of food you are dealing with.

You get to pick the slow vacuuming speed for delicate products and the fast speed for larger canister bags. This makes you get the best out of your food preservation process.

Roll Holder and Bag Cutter

The in-built roll holder and bag cutter makes the whole sealing system self-contained and composed.

Sealing your food is now at your fingertips and stress free. Having this food sealing system is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Starter Kit

This wonder comes in handy with a complete starter kit that makes the whole sealing process much easier.

From 3 one-quart-sized bags (pre-cut), 2 one-gallon-sized bags (pre-cut), an accessory hose and about 10 ft long Heat-Seal roll.

What else would you look for in a sealing system? Like it’s sent from heaven, this kitchen tool adds life to your kitchen. It makes preserving food fun and way more profitable.

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Feature at a Glance

  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • CrushFree Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing process
  • Convenient roll holder and bag cutter


  • Works perfectly well yet costs relatively less expensive
  • Features settings for both dry and moist foods
  • Vacuuming speeds can be adjusted depending on the food type
  • Removable drip tray makes clean up much easier
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • It fails the test of time; might not be long lasting if overused

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this sealing system an automatic operation machine?

A: No it’s not. It is operated manually but has easy to read buttons that makes it simple and fun to use.

Q: Can I use this to vacuum and seal moist food? How efficient is it?

A: Absolutely. The FoodSaver sealing system features both dry and moist food settings. This makes if very dependable for vacuuming and sealing a variety of foods.

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Final Verdict

Every time you hit the market for a new appliance, there are few important basics that we all look for. These include satisfactory function, ease of use, appeal and a reasonable price. The FoodSaver V3240 model has it all.

Apart from all the magic this appliance does to your food preservation, it is also the best way to help cut your food budget down by almost $3000 per year.

As if that is not enough, you also get to enjoy fresh, nutritious and delicious meals from long-preserved foods.